Melanie Swartz 

Melanie Swartz specializes in the creation of vibrant, dynamic and cartoon-Esq illustrations heavily influenced by comics and animation. She shares a love for goofy and unique character design as well as heavy line based work.  Melanie teaches a variety of traditional media, specializing in digital painting and animation.

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Allison Kukulewich

Allison Kukulewich holds a diploma in fine arts from Georgian College and a degree in fine arts from Thompson Rivers University where she studied printmaking and traditional drawing. She was nominated by her classmates for a peer printmaking award. She has presented her artwork in galleries. Also, she creates work in many mediums focusing primarily on the figure and on colourful imagery.

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Patrick Luna

Patrick Luna grew up with a passion in the visual arts at a young age. Graduated from George Brown College specializing in Graphic Design. For over 25 years he has been honing his artistic side working with many mediums. Currently focusing on realism in his artwork he captures every moment with precision and creativity. Having travelled to many countries the last 10 years, he now shows the world, one drawing at a time.

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